Superintendent of Schools

Picture of Melony Brady-Shanley, SuperintendentMelony Brady-Shanley

Winter Communications
Dear Families and Community Members,

Winter always marks the halfway point of academic learning and social growth. We know that just because half the year is done, it does not mean that half the work is done. This halfway point means that we know your children well, understand "who" they are, and based on "who" they are growing into we can better provide learning and support opportunities. 

Teachers and staff members are planning lessons and experiences for your children based on their needs and likes. It is invaluable to have students enjoy learning. By providing a hands-on learning experience for students, they are more likely to have a fulfilling learning experience.

There are a few things that families can do to best support our children as they move into the next months of school: 

  1. Ensure that they are well rested; 

  2. Have all of our students spend at least 20 minutes a night cuddled up to a good book. Let your child pick the book, magazine, or article - any reading material is good reading material as long as they are interested in it; 

  3. Send your children to school every day. Attendance is half the battle. If we have them at school, we can teach them, when they are not here, we cannot; 

  4. Praise your child. Your child will remember every kind word you say to them. Ensure they hear those wonderful words multiple times per day;

  5. Most importantly, "love on them" this is my motto in my house with our boys. They get embarrassed by their mom however it is the best embarrassment I can provide. 

I look forward to sharing innovative programming and planning ideas in the coming weeks that your children will experience for the 18/19 school year. I hope that you will provide feedback and ideas as we begin to move our district to excellence. 

Thank you for your continued support of Winchester Public Schools. We are always "Better Together - Everyone, Everyday."