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Batcheller Early Learning Center is designed for Winchester’s youngest students in preschool through Grade 2. As a school with approximately 230 students, we are able to offer a well balanced primary experience for all of our learners. Although there is significant emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills, we also focus on the unified arts of Art, Music, Physical Education, Library/ Media. Children participate in a STEAM block on a weekly basis, and they experience daily science instruction. Our dedicated and caring staff go out of our way to provide excellent customer service to all of our families and stakeholders. The Family Resource Center is housed at Batcheller School along with two additional preschool programs; a Head Start Classroom and a School Readiness Classroom. 

Parent Center

Pre-Kindergarten Program

Pre-Kindergarten Program

Our Pre-K program serves students, ages 3 through 5, with and without disabilities.  Preschoolers requiring special education services due to disabilities are eligible based on specific criteria established by the district in keeping with federal and state requirements.  Peer Model students refer to those “typically developing” students who are included in the integrated classroom settings.

The term “integrated setting” refers to an environment that blends children with and without disabilities for learning experiences and building social relationships.  This is the model that the Pre-K Program utilizes in order to follow best practice for providing preschool special education programming within the public school setting. 

The Pre-K Program follows the CT Early Learning and Development Standards and assessments to guide its curriculum, into which other methodologies and strategies are woven in order to provide optimal learning experiences and kindergarten readiness for all students. The program also maintains a developmentally appropriate philosophy that meets students where they are and sets goals to support the individual’s progress across cognitive, social, and motor domains.

Peer models are selected by lottery.  Preschoolers can become eligible for this lottery by first attending a Preschool Screening at the Batcheller Early Education Center held the first Monday of each month during the school year.  Appointments must be made in advance for 3 and 4 year olds by calling the Family Resource Center at 860 379-5423 x5262.

Pre-School Screening Program

Pre-School Screening Program 

The Batcheller Early Education Center sponsors monthly preschool screenings the month after a child’s third and fourth birthdays.  The screenings are conducted by our Early Childhood staff in the Family Resource Center.

The standardized ESI-P (Early Screening Inventory*Preschool 3-4 ½ ) is administered to each child individually by our staff. The tool is scored upon completion. Scoring indicates “refer”, “rescreen” or “OK”.  Parents are notified of the results.

Upon completion of the screening, children become eligible for our district’s Pre-K program.  Children are selected as peer models by lottery on an as needed basis as more identified children enter the program.

Contact the Family Resource Center at 860 379-5423 x5262 to make a screening appointment.

School Readiness Program

Winchester School Readiness Program

School Readiness is a state-funded initiative administered by the CT Office of Early Childhood that develops a network of school readiness programs.  Established in 1997 under P.A. 97-259, An Act Concerning School Readiness and Child Day Care and encoded in the CT General Statutes C.G.S. 10-16p -10-16u, the legislation established a grant program to provide spaces in NAEYC accredited or Federal Head Start approved programs for eligible children in priority school districts and competitive grant municipalities such as Winchester.

The Winchester School Readiness Program received its first grant award in 2000 to:

  • Provide opportunities for parents to choose among affordable and accredited programs
  • Encourage coordination and cooperation among programs and prevent the duplication of services
  • Recognize the specific service needs and unique resources available to Winchester and provide flexibility in the implementation of programs
  • Prevent or minimize the potential for developmental delays in children prior to their reaching the age of five
  • Strengthen the family through: encouragement of parental involvement in a child’s development and education and enhancement of a family’s capacity to meet the special needs of the children, including children with disabilities
  • Reduce educational costs by decreasing the need for special education services for school age children and to avoid grade repetition
  • Assure that children with disabilities are integrated into programs available to children who are not disabled
  • Improve the availability and quality of school readiness programs and the coordination with the services of child care providers.
  • Assure that specific quality components are delivered by each grantee according to legislation.
  • These include:                                                                               
  • A plan for collaboration with other community programs and services
  • Parent Involvement, education and outreach
  • Referrals for health service
  • Nutritional services
  • Referrals to family literacy programs that incorporate adult basic education
  • Admission policies that promote enrollment of children from different racial, ethnic and economic backgrounds and from other communities.
  • A plan of transition for participating children from the School Readiness  program to kindergarten  (Kindergarten Transition)
  • A plan for professional development for staff
  • A sliding fee scale for families participating in the program
  • An annual evaluation of the effectiveness of the program
  • A plan to ensure that children with disabilities are integrated into programs with children who are not disabled. 

Winchester School Readiness Program has two grantees:

Winsted Area Child Care Center, Inc. located at 185 Prospect St., has 18 full day/full year preschool spaces.  Children must be enrolled in the program a minimum of 7 hours per day, 5 days per week, 50 weeks per year.  These spaces are designed to accommodate working parents.  Parents can call 860 379-0006 for eligibility and availability.

EdAdvance Head Start School Readiness Program located at the Batcheller Early Education Center has 17 school day/school year preschool spaces.  Children are enrolled for 6 hours a day, 5 days per week, 180 days per year.  The program follows Winchester Public Schools calendar.  Parents can call 860 626-3296 for eligibility and availability.

The Mayor and Superintendent of Schools jointly appoint and convene a Council to oversee these programs.  Early Childhood Connections assumes the role of the School Readiness Council.

Winchester Kindergarten Transition

Winchester Kindergarten Transition

The process of transitioning a child to kindergarten in our district is governed by the Winchester Board of Education policy 6001 adopted on 6/9/09.  A child’s “readiness” for school is the result of a comprehensive, collaborative, intentional approach to incorporate family, school and community level participants in supporting the development of a child’s competencies.

The Board of Education endorses a Kindergarten Transition Plan that follows a relationship-based, developmental model that considers the needs of the child, family peers, sending and receiving teachers and the community.

The Kindergarten Transition Team meets monthly during the school year under the Early Childhood Connections Council which also oversees School Readiness programs and the Family Resource Center.

The process begins the year before kindergarten with the completion of the Pre- Enrollment form.  Kindergarten registration is held in the spring of each year.

Forms needed to register your child for kindergarten are:

  • Birth certificate
  • Acceptable Proof of Residency Documents:

For homeowners:


  • Mortgage or deed
  • Tax bill for residence

For renters:


  • Lease or rental agreement signed by landlord with landlord contact information
  • Two (2) recent utility bills (landline phone, water, electric, gas, oil or cable TV) in the same name to the same address

If you do not own or rent, request the following form:


  • School Registration Form
  • Bus Transportation Form
  • Medical Form
  • Completed Health Record
  • CT School Based Child Health Program Form
  • Free/Reduced Lunch Program Form

For more information or to request a registration packet, please call Ruthann Horvay at the Batcheller Early Education Center at 860 379-5423 x5262 or email at


Batcheller Drop-Off Information

November 19, 2018

Dear Families,

I would like to thank many individuals for their feedback regarding our drop-off procedures at Batcheller School. Our goal is for students, staff, and families to first and foremost have a safe experience. Many thoughtful suggestions have been shared regarding the process and I am grateful for those. To that end, I am going to implement several ideas.

Beginning on Tuesday, November 20, 2018:

1. Parent drop-off will begin at 8:00 AM. There will be four staff members to greet you at your car and remove your child. In order to expedite the process, we are asking that parents remain in their cars during drop-off. If a parent would like to walk their child into the school or get them out of the car, please park your car in a parking spot.

2. In partnership with All-Star Transportation, buses will not enter the loop until 8:15 AM. The buses will line the right side of Pratt Street until 8:15 AM. Parents may go around the buses on Pratt Street as long as their red-stop signs are not out. Bus drivers are aware of this procedure.

3. At 8:15 AM, buses will begin to enter the loop. Parents can still enter the loop however, they will need to wait in line. Please do not pass buses when they are in the bus loop as it is a safety issue for the children.

While these procedures may not address all issues, I am hopeful that they will begin to alleviate some of the concerns. I will be on Pratt Street assisting tomorrow morning with these procedures.

I am seeking feedback regarding these new procedures. Please feel free to call me at 860-921-1747 or email me at should you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Thank you,

Melony M. Brady-Shanley

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