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Agendas & Minutes

AGENDAS 2019-2020

Winchester Board of Education
Type of Meeting: Regular BOE Meeting Agenda - Amended
Location:  Town Hall – Hicks Room 
Date: August 13, 2019 @ 7:00 p.m.

Meeting Facilitator:    Melony Brady-Shanley, Superintendent
                                    Doug Pfenninger, BOE Chairman

Call to order

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll call

Agenda Review Discussion Possible Action:
a)      Regular Board of Education Agenda:  August 13, 2019

Comments from the Chairman
a)      BOE Retreat


a)      Building Work
b)      Back to School Backpack- Summer Learning Passport
c)      New Staff Introductions


Public Hearing:
Five minutes allotted to each speaker per Board Policy #9325 No BOE employee, student, or community member should be defamed within a public comment.


Consent Agenda Items Discussion Possible Action:
a)      Minutes of Regular BOE Meeting – June 11, 2019
b)      Minutes of Special Meeting – July 22, 2019

Correspondence to the Board:

Superintendent’s Reports & Action Items Discussion Possible Action:

a)      Superintendent’s Report
b)      School Enrollment
c)      Gilbert Enrollment
d)      New Hire
e)      T. Mobile 1:1 Device Program
f)      Student Handbook
g)      Staff Handbook


Board Action Items:
a)      Acceptance of Donation from St. Andrews Church Kent, CT for the Critical Needs Fund       
b)      Sole Source – EdAdvance Installation Internet Access Points $2,730.00
c)      Sole Source – Frontier Purchasing / Installation of 35 Phones at Pearson
d)      Sole Source – Karpet Partners Painting of Gym $6,050.00
e)      Sole Source – Warehouse Store Fixture Company Refrigerator $5,156.09
f)      Sole Source – AK Athletic Equipment $6,000.00
g)      Approval of Canon Copy contract 1st year $43,540.00, and 2nd-5th year $32,688.00     


Unfinished Business:
a)      Fiscal Year 2019 Year End Financial Update           

New Business Discussion and Possible Action:



Winchester Board of Education
Type of Meeting: Special Meeting Agenda
Date:  July 22, 2019 @ 9:00 – 3:00 pm
Location:  178 West Road Winsted, CT

  1. Call to order
  2. Roll call
  3. Business – BOE Retreat
  4. Adjournment

Standing Committee Agendas 2019-2020

MINUTES 2019-2020

Winchester Board of Education

Summer Retreat

July 22, 2019 - MINUTES


Invitees: Alexandria Propfe, Cheryl Heffernan, Christine Royer, Doug Pfenninger, Kristin Peterson, Melony Brady-Shanley, Michelle Hintz, Nora Mocarski, Richard Dutton, Shana DeVaux


Attendees: Cheryl Heffernan, Doug Pfenninger, Richard Dutton, Nora Mocarski, Melony Brady-Shanley


Absent Excused: S. DeVaux, M. Hintz, A. Propfe, K. Peterson, and C. Royer


  1. Agenda Review
    1. Packet handed out and agenda reviewed
    2. Absentees - packet will be mailed home.
  2. Review of the 2019 SBAC Assessment Scores
    1. Schedule of assessment calendar reviewed
    2. Professional Development schedule reviewed.
      1. Also to be included, but not written includes “pull-outs,” “walkthroughs,” and ‘data training.”
      2. Looking to embed social studies into ELA using Connecticut State Frameworks.
    3. Student data shared
      1. Chronic absenteeism dropped significantly in 2018/19
      2. SBAC Math and ELA scores have improved in general. Plan in place for Grade 4 (Math & Reading and Grade 5 (Reading).
    4. Teachers to be instructional, curriculum and assessment “specialists” for grades 4 and 5 to match what already happens to grade 6. For example:
      1. 2 teachers to teach ELA & Writing only
      2. 2 teachers to teach Math & Science only
  3. Visioning for Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12
    1. Information shared as to what we had to cut unexpectedly to meet the bill submitted by Gilbert difference ($177,486) as Gilbert submitted a bill to Winchester that was different from what was expected:
      1. Expected: $6475,000
      2. Billed unexpectedly: $6,943,193
      3. SHORTFALL: $468,193
        1. $150,000 will come from Additional Town Support for Non-Educational Expenses
        2. $100,000 will come from the BOE Non-Lapsing Fund
        3. $40,707 will come from “Reimbursement for Services” (ex: PT & OT)
        4. So, for the $177,486:
          1. ITEMS we will cut: Instructional supplies
          2. AND we have petitioned the State Department of Education to pay our Kindergarten Assistants and Interventionists into Commissioners Networks. Otherwise, these will have to be cut as well.
  4. Revised/Updated Board of Education Goals 
    1. Discuss social media possibilities at a future date with the full board
    2. To increase communication with the Town Board of Selectmen & Chamber of Commerce.
      1. FYI presentations instruction, finance, capital, and operational initiatives
      2. Student Council to present a fall and spring; To hear from bus monitors
    3. New board member orientation meeting to review committees and policies for Board members, and general introductions
    4. Retention of administration, faculty, and staff
    5. Increase one Preschool section for the 2020-2021 school year (3 and 4-year-olds): We are looking to expand it by one teacher given our waitlist/demand. Wish to open another classroom. Currently, we are at 18 kids per class. We have classroom space, but we would like to add one more staff member. Currently a waitlist at 7 or 8 people.
  5. Review of DRAFT 5 Year Capital Improvement Plan
    1. A five-year plan was presented. Note that this is a draft plan.
    2. A special note was that Pearson will need a new roof in 2024+
  6. Open Discussion
    1. None.


Minutes submitted by Nora M. Mocarski, Board Secretary

Standing Committee Minutes 2019-2020