Hinsdale Renovation Project

Ad Hoc Facilities Community has been developed to facilitate a building development plan that will ultimately advise the renovation of school buildings within Winchester.

Committee members

Tony Sandonato, Chair
David Carter, Vice Chair

Melissa Bird
Melony Brady-Shanley
Dale Denning
Joshua Kelly
Michelle Hintz

Norman Kelly
Nancy O'Dea-Wyrick
Candy Perez
Doug Pfenninger
Tony Sandonato
Bruce Stratford
Steve Vaill

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Important Information

Community Meeting Notice
Facilities Information Letter
CREC Second Facility Assessment Report
Community Meeting Details
Hinsdale Architect Comparisons

Hinsdale Bid Opening Submissions 3/16/2021
DAS Approval of Plans Letter 1/21/2021
DAS - Grant Commitment Notification 10/2/2020
Hinsdale School Finishes Presentation 6/1/2020
Hinsdale DD Progress set vol.2 5/29/2020
Hinsdale DD Progress set vol.1 5-29-2020
State Approved Priority List 12/11/2019
DAS Priority  List Letter 9/30/2019
DEEP Pre-Application Meeting Request 9/23/2019
FAQ from Hinsdale Community Meetings
PowerPoint for Community Meetings 4/2019
Cost Estimate for Schematic 4  2/25/2019
Approved Schematic 4  2/25/2019
8 year enrollment projection 2/13/2019
5 year enrollment projection 2/13/2019
Sq Ft Allowance based on 293 2/13/2019
Sq Ft Allowance based on 269 2/13/2019
Site Plan with 4,400 Sq Ft Addition 2/13/2019
Cost for Option 3A Addition at 70% 2/13-2019
Square Footage Allowance Calculation for Tear Down Model 1/28/2019
Square Footage Allowance Calculation for Existing Building 1/28/2019
Cost of Renovating Using the Tear Down Model @ 70% rate. 1/28/2019
Cost of Renovating Existing Building with a 48.3% rate. 1/28/2019
Update Option 1 & 2 Floor Plan 12/17/2018
Option 3 12/17/2018
Option 2 12/17/2018
Option 1 12/17/2018
Cost Projections 12/17/2018
Option 2 Parking & Drop Off  11/20/2018
Option 1 Parking & Drop Off  11/20/2018
Civil Engineer Flood Limit Plan 11/20/2018
Hinsdale School Floor Plan - 2nd Floor 11/20/2018
Hinsdale School Floor Plan Initial Draft 11/20/2018
Hinsdale School Culvert & Flooding Report 11/20/2018
Electrical Observations & Recommendations 11/20/2018
Plumbing Observations & Recommendations 11/20/2018
Mechanical Observations & Recommendations 11/20/2018
Architectural Observations & Recommendations 11/20/2018


Hinsdale Renovation Committee Meetings

2018-2019 Agendas

2018-2019 Minutes

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